Vitamin D and Blood Pressure

Vitamin D is an essential element for overall health. The deficiency of vitamin D in our body may likely to raise your risk of hypertension. So, taking a supplement of vitamin D can help lower the blood pressure through the interaction with other systems of our body.

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Taking an antioxidant supplement can lower your risk of high blood pressure. Studies show that people with high blood pressure can lower the pressure level by 30% by taking antioxidant supplement. Our supplement rich in various antioxidants will help your blood pressure under control. All you need is to participate in the monthly campaign.

What causes High Blood Pressure?

High Blood Pressure may have variety of causes behind its occurrence. Genetics, poor diet, lack of proper exercise or physical activity, stress and alcohol are some of the few to count on. Also, the chances of High Blood Pressure increases with age.

Vitamin C versus Blood Pressure

Scientists have concluded that intake of vitamin C in high doses: more than 500 mg per day in average will help reduce the blood pressure level in our body. Vitamin C is a diuretic that removes excess of the fluid from our body which helps reduce the pressure in our blood vessels.


Our Supplement

We provide you a supplement rich in various elements which are vital to lower the blood pressure level. For example, our 100% natural supplement consists of vitamins, Magnesium, Potassium, Revastrol, Omega – 3 fatty acids and Magnesium which play a crucial role in lowering the blood pressure level. So, wait no more and join the monthly campaign towards making your health better.

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