Monthly campaign and cholesterol

Our monthly campaign is determined to provide you with a proper supplement that will counteract the free radicals damage. The supplement will help you make your health better either it be flawless skin or normal cholesterol level.

Free radicals and high cholesterol

Free radicals are unstable for having a lone pair of electron. So, they are always wandering around in search of other compounds to steal electron and gain stability. If the compound that denotes the electron is fat and protein in an LDL cholesterol molecule, this will result in the formation of fatty lesions in the wall of the blood vessels.

Antioxidants and cholesterol

Antioxidants rich foods and supplements counteract the possible effect of the free radicals in our body. By neutralizing the free radicals, the antioxidants lower the risk of cholesterol invited heart diseases.

What happens when Cholesterol increases?

When the cholesterol level in our body increases, there are increased chances of heart diseases. Having high cholesterol means the development of the fatty substance in blood vessels which makes the blood flow through the arteries difficult. Due to this, your heart may not get enough oxygenated blood which eventually increases the risk of heart attack.

High cholesterol symptoms

High cholesterol is initially associated with chest pain, heart attack and strokes. Pain while walking due to the narrowing of the arteries is also a symptom of the high cholesterol level in our body.

Risk factors and Complications

Several factors may increase your chances of increased cholesterol. Some of them include poor diet, obesity, and lack of physical activity or exercise. Likewise the increased waist circumference, smoking and diabetes can also be a risk factor.

The increased level of cholesterol comes with heart related complications such as chest pain, heart attack and stroke.

Who is at the higher risk?

Especially women who crossed the menopause sage and men above 45 years of age are at higher risk of cholesterol. It may be inherited from a family member or may be a result due to a passive lifestyle. People who smoke heavily might also be the victim of cholesterol.

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