Monthly campaign to prevent cancer

The intake of supplement for duration of one month is primarily aimed on fighting the free radicals and their negative impacts on your body. These impacts may be cell damage that leads to even cancer. The supplement we provide is a rich source of antioxidant which neutralizes the free radical in the body and prevents cell damage.

Free Radicals and Cancer

Free radicals are very reactive chemicals with a lone pair of electrons. They arise from the use of oxygen and metabolism of organic compounds. The abundance of free radicals in our body oxidizes lipids, proteins, and DNA and induces membrane damage, protein modification, enzyme deactivation and DNA damage that may lead to cancer.

Free Radicals and Breast Cancer

When it comes to cancer, the free radicals damage always comes as a concerned subject. The interaction of the free radicals with the DNA of the body causes cell mutation and increases the risk of breast cancer.

Well your food can be a determinate factor for your health. Increasing antioxidants contents in your food is the best idea for you and your family.

Free radical reactions that lead to cell damage and eventually cancer are checked to some extent by antioxidants. The antioxidants with their peculiar character to neutralize the free radicals prevent the possible damage on the cell and DNA that may cause cancer.

Antioxidant Supplement and Cancer Reduction

Antioxidants are any substances which neutralize the free radicals by providing them a lone pair of electrons and make them stable. The antioxidants are the free radicals scavengers that inhibit the oxidation process: the major cause of free radical production in the body. Thus, adding antioxidant supplements in the diet helps eradicate these freer radicals and prevent cell damage consequences like cancer.

What studies say?

Laboratory and animal tests have conclude that the presence of abundance amount of antioxidants prevent the free radical damage that are associated with cancer development. Thus consuming enough of the foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables and nuts will help lower the risk.

Risk factors

There are several factors for cancer. Broadly these can be categorized as internal factors such as age, sex, body metabolism, genetics, and sometimes the skin as well. Similarly occupation and lifestyle are also the risk factors of cancer in many cases. Occupational and environmental exposure such as exposure to radioactive materials and chemicals are also the risk factors in a long run.

Our supplement rich in natural antioxidants make sure that it will reduce the free radicals count in your body and thus prevent the probability of the cell damage that eventually leads to cancer. Be a part and feel the difference.

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