Monthly Campaign and Acne

Skin is a major organ of our body. If your body lacks enough antioxidants, it may result to the appearance of acne giving your skin a dull appearance. Our monthly campaign will help you remove and prevent this acne through the best antioxidant supplement.

Inflammation as prime cause of acne

Researchers have now concluded that the inflammation is the trigging factor of the acne. Acne is often the result of inflammation that results to big red pimples. Thus in conclusion, you need to protect your skin from inflammation in order to prevent the acne. And if you are wondering the possible solution, Antioxidant is your answer.

Antioxidants against acne

If your body lacks antioxidants, there is a risk that your sebum is damaged by the free radicals. When sebum is damaged, it leads to clogged pores that result to acne formation. Since the antioxidants play role to neutralize the free radicals, they restrict the free radical damage and prevent your skin damage.

Antioxidants can greatly help to reduce the acne and make you look more attractive. Foods rich in vitamin such as vitamin A and E play a major role in giving you acne free beautiful skin.

Similarly Zinc is also one of the trace elements and is also a cofactor for antioxidant enzyme that prevents free radical damage resulting due to the metabolic process.

Myths about acne formation

There are generally some misconceptions that are related to acne formation. Actions such as eating greasy foods have no role in acne formation. However, working in greasy place like kitchen may trigger acne formation because oil can stick to the skin and block their follicles. This may result to itching and promoted acne.

Likewise, acne is not a result of dirty skin. Rather rubbing the skin with a hard or rough surface while washing may result to acne formation.

Antioxidants are Anti- Inflammatory

Antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid available in the pine bark and green tree are anti-inflammatory in nature. They help improve the blood circulation and cell metabolism. The reduced inflammatory action in our body will help increase the skin tone and avoid the acne appearance.

What worsen the acne?

There are still some factors that make the acne worse. Hormones like Androgen increment in boys and girls cause expansion of sebaceous glands and increase production of sebum. Certain drugs containing corticosteroids, testosterone or lithium may also worsen the condition. Diet and stress are also responsible for increasing the acne.

Our supplement is high in antioxidants that will make your skin look brighter by removing the acne. Once you be a part of the campaign, you will automatically feel the difference.

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